$20,000 Grant to Support Grief Counseling for Low-income Families

Seaside, California – Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Monterey announced today [10/18/13] a grant award from Hospice Foundation in the amount of $20,000, to provide complex bereavement counseling for families and individuals in Monterey and San Benito counties who are dealing with grief and do not have
access to health insurance.

This service provides access to mental health counseling for those who need support, or are struggling with
issues stemming from the loss of a love one that require a professional to help work through the issues. The
funding from Hospice Foundation closes a previously identified service gap in the community for people who
require counseling connected to a past loss, but where significant time has elapsed since that loss. In these
situations, affordable grief support is practically non-existent for low-income families and individuals.
“Over the years, our partnership with Hospice Foundation has allowed us to reach out to those in our
community who are dealing with the profound loss of a loved one,” stated Maria Runciman, Director of
Mental Health Counseling for Catholic Charities. “The program’s particular focus is to provide quality,
compassionate and bilingual counseling services over an expanded period of time, whenever needed,”
explained Runciman.

The target population for the agency’s Mental Health Counseling Program, as with most of the services
provided by Catholic Charities, is low-income families and individuals.

However, without financial assistance from the Hospice Foundation, grief counseling for individuals
suffering this type of loss would not be so readily available in Monterey and San Benito counties. Since its
inception in 1997, Hospice Foundation has granted over $20 million to local programs dedicated to
strengthening and improving palliative, hospice and other end-of-life services.